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Anti ageing creams will disappear - 2017

Picture: Thijs Wolzak Text: Karin Kuijpers


owner of Future-Touch.

Her customers: OCI Korea, Schwan Stabilo, T-Mobile, Vagheggi Cosmetics.

‘Models with birthmarks, crooked teeth, or an amputated leg are the current trend that defines our idea of beauty. We no longer want to be a Barbie in the future, with perfectly tight skin and big boobs. Showing your age will become cool, just look at Iris Apfel and Linda Rodin - I already predicted this trend in 2010. Consequences of this are that anti wrinkle creams will disappear, which could pose a big problem for the billion dollar cosmetics industry.

Companies and its consumers often think that everything lasts forever. I’ve made the same mistake in the past. I never believed every consumer would make their own design of clothing, for example. However, because of technical innovation I now realise that is our future. Why would a pair of jeans travel 40.000 km before it ends up on the shelf? The fashion industry is the second largest polluter in the entire world. The latest hip clothing isn’t important, it’s the creativity with which you give new life to your wardrobe. Firms like Zara and H&M will start to struggle. In the future, we will custom order our clothes tailored per person and produce it locally.

I’m the ‘lunatic with blue hair’ about which The Times have said: ‘Watch her.’ I dyed it eight years ago after seeing sophisticated old ladies in Belgium who had a purple hue to their gray hair. After that, I started seeing dyed hair in Sims videogames, and I predicted it in 2009. Now, across the world, Chanel’s mannequins are all donned with blue hair. Dior uses a lot of blue in their collection, and Louis Vuitton has dyed the hair of it’s models pink.

The large companies often fear believing in me. Only when change is pushed through smaller companies who become successful, the big firms will copy their behavior when it’s already too late.’

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