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Living architecture part 2

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Signal 26 / 2021-07 -01

If we keep building the way as we do at the moment we will run out of the planets resources. So we must search for other building methods.

One of those building methods is circular construction. The reuse of building materials is something that is happening more and more, so part of the construction waste is reused for other projects. By reusing, you relieve the planet and save costs on materials. It's a win-win situation. However, much more can be done….

Image credits: Slimster, Cobouw

We signaled a wonderfull project at “the university of Delft by Bob Hendrikx” about living architecture

A completely different level of building is circular building with renewable living materials. Architecture traditionally uses artificial materials, or “dead” materials, such as stone, or dead wood. But there is an opportunity to build with living materials. That is possible with mycelium. Mycelium is the subterranean network of all the threads of fungi.

“Within this network, plants and trees not only share nutrients, they also share important information, for example when disease strikes.

To create the living houses, moulds are packed with organic materials that have a strong fibrous structure, such as sawdust, hay, and hemp. The fungus will be aplead to this mixture that would digest the material. Within the matter of a week a solid block is formed. The block stays alive and is self-healing. It’s possible to grow block together. The blocks are waterproof and non- flammable

It’s is important to take care of the building because it’s alive! With taking good care an interface will monitors the house so you can give it the care it needs. When you don’t, it will assimilated into the earth. You only want that when the building is not longer needed. It won’t leaves any waste.

Image credits: Agrodome, Botanic Bites, Bob Hendrikx, Sebastian Cox en Ninela Ivanova

We also see a future of other kinds of things made of mycelium. Think about outside benches made of mycelium. After vandalism, it can grow back! Or what about refugees of a war.. within a week they all have a roof above there’s heads. When it’s no longer needed you can let it demolish into the earth. You can grow a construction side, when the job is done, you can stop caring for the little building and it will disappear.

There a lot of opportunities!

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