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Local DIY Plants

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Report 30 / 2021-07-27

The future trend of Local Do-It-Yourself translates into semi-finished products, patterns, and recipes. Even though a new approach for the industry of fashion and cosmetics is coming, it can be difficult and scary to jump into a brand new market.

If jumping into the market directly still seems too daunting, just look at the DIY community behind plants. It’s a big hit in corona and an example of how much the consumer is willing to DIY.

We are at home much more often and our appreciation for nature and the environment has grown. This created a trend of houseplants which is now growing into a DIY trend where socializing with friends is about plants and trading cuttings instead of partying in a bar.

Video Credits: Left @Indoorplants_decor Right @potted.forest

Video Credits: Left @ryanegy_knetic Right @houseplantparadise

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