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Local perfume

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Marketing & Development

Our new concept is so logical, local perfume‘

Local perfume

One perfume with different variations based on local cultures, smells, and also ingredients. A beautiful way to combine diversion in culture with supporting the local economy, and sustainability. Combining local perfumes with a local ad campaign is a also great marketing opportunity.

‘The World After’ has a lot of opportunities, and local perfume is one of them.

Local speciality

Every country has their own speciality, foods that fit their taste and needs, and even local areas within those countries can have lots of differences. In perfumes this is the total opposite. One smell is apparently fit for all these tastes and differences in cultures. We recognize they have different tastes, sometimes very local, but we throw that theory out the window as soon as we try to sell parfumes.

We saw the rise of local productions already before the lockdown, especially in the food industry, and mostly for sustainable reasons. The lockdown stimulated this growth because international trade was very difficult, and everyone wanted to support their local economy.

The food industry and cosmetic industry have an important similarity

The food industry and cosmetic industry have an important similarity; they both have to do with our senses. Production wise, they are similar too, having to take hygiene into account. There’s an overlap in industries in that sense, but in terms of advancements, the food industry is usually ahead. Food changes every day, so these changes can often serve as inspiration to the cosmetic industry. In food, everyone can realise that it differs hugely based on region.

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