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Marketing & Development

2020 - 08 - 12

Vogue U.K. goos for a local reset on the August cover. And amazingly the theme is nature; not fashion.

Vogue recently collaborated with some of the most renowned artists and photographers in the U.K. to create their August 2020 covers. The magazine covers explore the idea of what it means to ‘reset’. Each cover design features a local landscape from each creator. A landscape not fashion! and local.

And now tourism is following thanks to Corona. Given that the summer holidays are happening now, we need to go to a local destination because of restrictions. This doubles up on the idea that we are opening our eyes to our local environments, now that travel is limited, and has been for a while.The simpler things that are local to us are being reloved.

Image credits: British vogue, reset cover august 2020 01 Jamie hawkesworth, 02 Tim Walker 03 Nick Knight 04 Nadine Ljwere

Local local local

Local can't be emphasised enough as it is just the beginning of the local 'movement'. Not only for small local company's also for international company's it is the starting point for new business concepts and products. A new positive chances for company's, for the consumers and environment.

Small local productions can be complete new initiatives desgin and concepts as well existing local products can be taken as a starting point for product development.


The World After published a local perfume concept for international high end businesses in Report 020 Local Perfumes The local cosmetic concept of report 020 applies to every kind of product.


In the food industry, a trend in local production and local recipes was already underway. Spotted often in high end and vegan restaurants. In for example France and Italy local has been always appreciated. So in the end local is nothing new..

Global localisation

Internet and digitalisation also gave us the opportunity to redirect and relocate traditional large scale production to local producers. This way, we can downscale production and move it closer, right next to where our consumers are living. We discuss this complex story in greater detail in Report 009 - 3D Print UP

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