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Low numbers


Report 043 / 2020-12-21

The high numbers will sadly end.

The End of High Numbers

The End of the High Numbers is something I already predicted a few years ago. The concept of endless economic growth had to come to a halt at some point. It was simply no longer feasible to keep growing and growing with no end in sight. We lived in a culture where 10% annual growth was the only goal we set ourselves. We had environmental problems, too little time, too much stress, and it simply was not able to stand. And then Corona came…

We must accept the situation as it is. Once we accept the new situation and understand what it means, a new path will reveal itself. It is a hard pill to swallow but acceptance is key to the resolution. The low numbers are being forced on us because of the corona virus and the best way to keep moving forward is accept it and adapt to the situation.

Accept the lower numbers; stabilize the foundation.

We have to accept that growth will stagnate and focus on stability instead of enforcing the traditional route. Adapting now guarantees the continuation of our business and even the right to exist at all. A business that keeps aiming at growth now will quickly feel the reality that it is now useless to do so.

Look at the low numbers and stabilize the foundation instead of aiming at growth that will no longer come. We have to embrace the opportunities even if they look negative to us at first sight. Face the reality and build a new strategy upon that reality to find new beauty in our world.

Social media will also embrace low numbers.

We have the tendency to follow people that have a large number of followers without paying much attention to smaller accounts and their message. A missed change as we will realise. We’re no longer just going to listen to the people who have high numbers (and are often simply advertising), instead we look at things that can bring positivity into our lives. A positive message or spirit that doesn’t necessarily have to be associated with a large online following. The mentality will be: ‘Finding the little unique treasures on social media’. We will pay more attention to unfiltered, exclusive things that can inspire us in our own way.

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