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Maintenance & Repair Products

Fashion, Accessories

Report 41 / 2021-10 -12

The industry makes beautiful products, especially in the high end markets. The intention is usually to deliver products that last forever. Especially nowadays, with vintage items being a hot commodity, our products need to last generations. These products want to live a long life, but to live a long life they need maintenance and sometimes repair.

All these factors play into an upcoming future where maintenance and repair products can be offered for the items we buy. This ensures our products last as long as we want them to. It also plays into our desire for a more environmentally friendly way of consuming products. It’s an extra service you can provide that your client will be more than happy with.

We want to give these items the love they deserve for a longer life. Consumers want to use the best products to take care of their items, especially if their products are expensive. They want dedicated products from the brand of the item itself to maintain and repair. Just imagine a Gucci shoe polish or Burberry sewing thread.

For fashion maintenance and repair, your product range can include:

  • Extra buttons; One is not enough!

  • Extra fabric for repairs

  • Iron-on patch for repairs

  • Iron-on starch with a scent that defines your brand (great idea!)

  • Matching sewing thread

  • Cleaning supplies

  • Stain remover designated to the product

Patches or thread can also be mismatched on purpose for a more inspirational repair

For shoes maintenance and repair, your product range can include:

  • Cleaning products

  • Shoe polish

  • Rainproof coating

  • Extra laces

For accessories maintenance and repair, your product range can include:

  • Polishing rags

  • Delicate brushes to clean diamond settings