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Meaningful flowers

Signal / Sign of the time

04, 2022-02-03

Food, living

Many of our actions are subconscious, done because of tradition or because we never gave much thought to why we do something in the first place. Once we start thinking through small actions that happen subconsciously we can add details to our lives that make a difference. The intentions behind your actions, no matter how small, are the details that matter.

Restaurant flowers have always been a small piece of decoration added to tables with not much thought. If we rethink our actions we can think of much more creative solutions. This is the perfect place to add decorations related to food. Something that may be in your business already like carrot tops, artichoke flowers, fragrant herbs, or the flowers of your favourite ingredients like alium (onions, garlic) and ginger.

It can become a defining detail in your restaurant to amplify the mood and show your intentions.


High end flower shops could arrange custom bouquets or even supermarkets can sell veggie bouquets as ready-made products

Image credits: blog.

Image credits: 01 Fine Art / The Pedestal series Lynn Karlin Photography 02 Vegetable flower arrangement @Allison Horsey 03 04 Unknown

Image credits: Zucchini flowers - 02 Artichoke flower - 03 Wheat - 04 Asparagus leaves - 05 Ginger flower 06 Lavender

Image credits: 01 Beat Leave 02 Asparagus 03 Carrots 04 Broccoli, Parsley and Cabbage

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