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Mood Dressing

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Report 034 / 2020-10-19

Image @leilapolman Mourning her father. Picture by @theladyinblu

In the last decade, consumers used to follow trends that are designed to make companies big money, and their own expression is lost in the process. We highly over consumed clothing as a result of an increase in trends, leading to a large amount of pollution. The economic high speed train never allowed us to break free from this situation. The trends and subliminal rules set out by the mainstream fashion industry made us unable to experience mood dressing.

Mood dressing is the act of dressing yourself according to your current mood.

The feelings of the wearer are projected and communicated to the outside world through their clothing and enhance their individual mood. If someone is feeling soft or romantic, they might wear something soft like a mohair shirt. If someone wants to shine, they wear glitter. Dressing yourself to express your feelings and individual qualities seems highly logical.

This is not a new concept.

Wearing black while mourning, or wearing white to signify virginity (such as at a wedding ceremony) is a very traditional thing to do that goes back hundreds of years in the western society. Many traditional mood dressings can be found in different geographical locations and cultures.