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New Values


Report 044 / 2020-12-29

New Values

The social acceptance of not being rich.

Money has for a long time been one of the most indicative of societal status.

Now, with financial issues troubling many of us, it is socially acceptable to come out and acknowledge you’re struggling in a difficult time. With the world being financially more open, we will see that money has less of an impact on our social status. It will be replaced by values of character, a company’s purpose in the economy, and the capability to empower the society.

We will see this change in our marketing approach, where monetary values are replaced by feelings and ambiance.

In the advertisement of Louis Vuitton, the leading man posed with his mother, rather than the usual display of private jets and expensive lifestyles. Instead of selling the values of The World Before, where money was the most important, marketing has the opportunity to focus on feelings and purposeness of a product or company.

Products and projects that didn’t fit within the monetary status before can now be realised when companies are respected more and more for the emotional and cultural value they bring. High end architects, for example, no longer need to focus on high end mansions and holiday homes. They now have the chance to also tackle social housing.

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