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Report 003, living

Green, Green, Green.

In “The World Before Corona” we already saw a trend towards green. The Lockdown has pushed this further - “The World After Corona” is all about Green, Green, Green.

"The lockdown has become part of the experience of our generation, one could argue it will become a part of our DNA"

Report from The Greenhouse - Outdoor Gardens and Balconies

Note This is one of the first video's made in the quarantine studio The Greenhouse. The quality and format were all "alla improvise" - typical Corona lockdown.

For Living we see 2 main trends that are connected to the theme Outdoor - Green

Tendence 01: Balconies and Gardens

Now that we are forced to stay indoors, the importance of our homes has become even more evident. We have realized that if we don’t have a good place to live, and that includes an outside space, the lockdown is a lot worse: more limited, for some almost unbearable. So now more than ever, a good home includes an outside space such as a balcony or a garden.

The After Mindset

The lockdown has become part of the experience of our generation, one could argue it will become a part of our DNA. People are fearful that it may happen again, there is a realization that a new pandemic is not unrealistic. In other words, the lockdown has changed our mindset, and that mindset will stick around for much longer than just the lockdown period.

In “The World After” living in a comfortable home, preferably one with an outside area such as a balcony or garden will be even higher on our preference list the coming years.


The increasing interest in private space is a counter movement to the tendency before Corona, where private living spaces were increasingly less important as we travelled more, slept in hotels, lived an outgoing life in public spaces, worked in coffee bars with our laptops, socialised on terraces and went to festivals.

Living in the countryside.

Almost logically, as a result of the interest in private outside space, we will see more people move out of the city to the countryside. Corona has also triggered a desire to be independent, self-sustaining, a little more autonomous. In the countryside you can grow your own fruit, herbs, and vegetables. It provides a stable base to live your life and feed yourself and your family at least for some days, whatever happens.

Tendence 02: Love for nature

With restaurants, bars, sports clubs and festivals shut down, what else is left to do? We have started going for walks, experiencing nature, and seeing its beauty and healing power. Where maybe before going for walks was reserved as an activity for primarily the retired, now all generations are stopping to, quite literally, smell the flowers.


After a week’s lockdown, a friend of mine posted a picture of a flower on Instagram with the caption: “Oh my god, what am I doing?”. Obviously she had never posted a flower before. I personally did much the same; on one of the first days of the lockdown I posted a picture with flowers, captioning it: “Hocus pocus, I wish you were a dress!”. Still a reference to city and fashion, a wish to return to a more glamourous life… but still, a focus on nature.

During the lockdown we see that people are taking more time to work in their gardens - if they have one. Gardeners still have plenty of work, as they can work outside easily without touching other people. There is more time now to get back in that spirit.

Personal example:

Let me show you: my plants are growing next to my computer. My office is currently in a greenhouse, and I would never have done this if we were not on a lockdown. You probably see the same in your own houses. Even flowers in a vase will get more appreciation, representing a bit of nature inside of your house.

This trend will have a positive effect for everyone dealing directly or indirectly with green; think garden centres, outdoor furniture manufacturers, countryside real estate agents, landscape designers, gardeners, and flower suppliers to name some. I predict this movement will remain in our DNA for a long time to come.

Tip: if your living or lifestyle business is not connected with green - start developing it!


In “The World after Corona” private space will be high on the wish list of people. And outside space balconies and gardens will experience a revival. In general people will appreciate nature more, experiencing its power and beauty. It is a positive message for the housing and lifestyle industries, and in particular every business that has a connection with green living. (Tip: if your living or lifestyle business is not connected with green - start developing it!) The lifestyle industry is facing renewed interest and a much better future than the fashion industry – which has lost a lot of interest.

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