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Plants owned by houses


Signal 032 / 2020-11-26

Image credits: @tylerjoe

Taking everything with you when you move requires extra energy and time, not to mention the environmental strain it takes to consume brand new items or move large items. Just like furniture, the plants will become integral to the house. Plants acclimatize to their space and get used to the amount of light they get in a certain spot. Letting a plant grow in the spot they belong in ensures synergy between the house and the plant.

Image credits: 01 @leilapolman @sebasmartens by @theladyinblu 02 @hetgroenlab

03 @elledecoration 04 @tylerjoe 05 @kamerplantenclub 06 @hetgroenlap

07 @elledecoration 08 @de.opfleurist

The exterior and interior of a home, including its houseplants, should be considered as one entity.

Image credits: 01 @hamishbowls, L'Hotel Marrakech 02 @theladyinblu, Ibiza

This movement is the next step after 'Furniture Owned by Houses'.

Image credits: 01 @lejardingmarrakech 02 @lejardingmarrakech

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