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Podcast 010 Pollution Rate - And what is the next step?

2022 - 06 -30

The Lady in Blu Podcast

The World After - Where is the Money

A podcast for businesses

What is the future and how to use that future to generate business

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Price, design, functionality have, and quality have a new competitor: Pollution. All product factors will play second fiddle to pollution in the consumerโ€™s mind.

When products have no significant differences, like most products in todayโ€™s market, choosing an environmentally friendly product online is an easy choice when pollution rates are displayed. This means the consumer can easily compare pollution rates, and products with a high rate will simply not be purchased. Especially when the other characteristics of the product do not outweigh its pollution rate enough.

Fixing your pollution rates is most certainly the first major step that ensures your company and products survive into the future. However, to thrive you must think of more.

Listen to Trend Forecaster The Lady in Bluโ€™s podcast to get inspiration on how to thrive in the future: As soon as possible, short term, and long term steps.

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