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New is just a split second | Column Opinion Global Cosmetic News

2020 - 08 - 24

New is just a split second

The Corona Virus made many of our business’ traditions into history. In ‘The World After’ we can start looking at marketing and development with a fresh look. The things we automatically implemented, was that a logical decision, or simply a tradition that we applied to our business without questioning the motives? We can now ask ourselves what the new opportunities are in a world shaped by the new DNA influenced by the coronavirus.

The DNA of the world is changed thanks to the coronavirus. Many traditions and habits have disappeared with the wind. They have become contemporary history and might be history forever. We can reflect upon these changes, and ask ourselves if our traditions were logical.

Reflecting upon our tradition

A product stops being ‘New’ when ownership starts, so we should adjust our marketing strategies accordingly. If we want to market competitive products in ‘The World After’ it is vital to adapt to the new world that has been created.

New is just a split second

When we sell our products online, we advertise them as new. This seems rather obvious and has been this way forever. However, a consumer can’t own a ‘new’ product. As soon as they make the move to purchase something, it becomes ‘used’. The entire future life of the product is marked as ‘used’ no matter how good the quality holds up over the years, or the state in which the consumer experiences the product.

We can use this to market our products in a more realistic way, and make them stand out far beyond the rest. Everyone is automatically marketing their products as new and showing them in this way, but why not show the product as it actually will be once the consumer owns it?

Selling anything is about marketing the product in the most beautiful way. We should want our consumers to purchase products based on their beauty when in use. The way consumers recognize their product is when it is in use, or looks used. The way we envision things in our minds is the way we see it as it is in our homes every day. A half-squeezed tube of toothpaste on the bathroom sink, or a jar of peanut butter that has been dug into every day.

It would be extremely beautiful to market our products as used, showing images of the product as something that’s lived in, yet is still beautiful. Show that products are still beautiful once they wear and tear. Even food, while in the process of being eaten, shows us beauty. In a new way of marketing wabi-sabi we can show a realistic and beautiful image of our product.

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