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2020 - 09 - 22

Trend Revolution

Corona affected almost everything, even in the field of how future trends come and how fast they root.

Since corona emerged, trends are shooting forward at a huge pace. The effective speed at which a coming trend will take root is extremely short. A trend forecast used to take years to become reality, but now, taking weeks is no longer an exception in The World After.

Rapid Trend Response

As a result of all the changes that happened in corona times, the speed at which trends are born is in high gear too. In all reports of ‘The World After’ we discuss the roots and results of newborn trends. It’s critical to act on a coming trend quickly, before you know it, it’s here. A trend used to take between 5 to 10 years to root, but new trends are coming into action in a matter of weeks now.

Stagnation in colour and care products.

As a contradiction, a percentage of companies and consumers are waiting on the outcome of the virus and its lockdown measures. As an economic recession is in full swing, consumers are not into new products or colours. Companies are not investing in research & development, because they are trying to stay afloat. The result is less trends on new products and colours.

Style trends

On a societal level the changes are huge. Events are cancelled, social activity is stagnated or continues in informal settings and open spaces. The results of this are different styles, less formal wear. Loose fitting clothes and less glamorous makeup. We are moving away from fancy styles and the makeup ranges that come with that.

Business Trends

We also see companies falling or searching to reinvent their business. In The World After there are a few types of industries that simply do not work anymore. Many disciplines have to face the reality that they have to reinvent their business to survive. This means we can start to see certain disciplines shift out of their borders.

Industries fading away, merging together, or even battling it out will give us a whole new world to live in. The consequences can be game-changing, just look at Uber taking over the taxi industry. The definition of a taxi company changed from a physical location with staff and company cars, to a large IT network. New industries can form and swallow pre-existing industries in their growth. Be ready to expand in new directions, and be wary of new competitors from unexpected areas to enter your territory.

All together we are seeing a fast moving world on the business and societal levels. Trends go whizzing past and root rapidly. However, we see less developments in the field of colours and new care products.

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