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In The World After the effective speed that a coming trend will root is extremely short.

Since corona emerged, the trends are shooting forward at a huge pace. A trend like Bare Feet see Report 017 published on June 24th 2020 is already being recognized. The effective speed that a coming trend will root is extremely short. Where a trend forecast used to take years to become reality, taking weeks is no longer an exception in The World After.

Trend speed

As a result of all the changes that happened in corona-times, the speed at which trends are born is in high gear too. In all our reports we discuss the roods and results of new born trends. It’s critical to act on a coming trend quickly, before you know it, it’s here.

As a contradiction, a percentage of companies and consumers are waiting on the outcome of the virus and its lockdown. A passive attitude with no changes is the contra diction.

For a direct comparison between an old trend taking 5 to 10 years to root, to a new coming trend into action in just a few weeks, watch the video by The Lady in Blu above for an explanation with examples.


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