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RE LOVE Accessories

Future Report 08


Fashion, general

RE LOVE Accessories

As a reaction to the fashion industry being one of the heaviest polluters, RE LOVE FASHION: Re-use, re-touch, re-style, re-pair, and re-peat fashion is embraced by consumers and fashion businesses alike. We see this reflected in the market, with thousands of vintage shops and markets, and an increasingly growing number of online platforms dedicated to vintage fashion, such as The Real Real, Vinted, or even H&M’s reselling platform. High end labels like MiuMiu are introducing their own re-touched vintage fashion on the catwalk.

The wearing of vintage has become socially acceptable and even appreciated. The status of an outfit is no longer linked to its monetary value or how new it is, but is instead determined by its appeal as a vintage piece. In the long run this means a piece of clothing will get more use, especially when changing hands between owners.

Along with re-use and re-touch fashion comes re-use and re-touch accessories. Combined with a renewed appreciation for styling, accessories become well loved.

Re-Style Accessories

Re-style means creating a new look using items that already exist, instead of producing new items which is an unnecessary source of pollution. Accessories play a key part in re-style, as they present an opportunity to use an existing item, such as a vintage piece of clothing, and give it a new identity through styling. Re-style plays into the creativity of the consumer which will become highly appreciated in fashion society.

Feminization; Accessories for all genders

Masculinity and femininity are becoming blurred concepts, and the Third Gender is a widely accepted fenomenon. The feminization of society also results in men wearing more accessories. To conclude, an overall more feminine touch and upcoming third gender means accessories are considered more genderless than tradition dictates, essentially doubling the market.

Re-Love Accessories

Buying and selling second hand accessories is easy, especially because accessories often lack sizes and thus have a universal appeal. Vintage and second hand accessories are going mass market, and online platforms make international sales possible as well.

Re-Pair and Re-Touch Accessories

Now that the use of vintage and second hand accessories is growing, repairing and retouching accessories is going to inherently grow too. Think of a jeweller that repairs, resizes or even updates our old jewellery, something that’s historically been done for centuries. DIY repair or retouch will also grow.

High End Re-Touch

As time goes on our re-pair will become more glamorous, it will become a fancy thing to do and become celebrated. It evolved into re-touch, a new way of expression or art. We can assume some designers and artists can become well known for their vintage re-touch signature. The new high end repair ateliers will pop up. Customers bring in their favourite items to be re-touched in an obvious and styleful way. These re-touchers can grow into true icons where having an item repaired by them gives it a certain status. We can expect their items to appear in red carpet events and fashion shows. A repaired item carries the status of the repair designer, and overrules the original brand.

For Existing Brands

For labels that offer accessories there is a possibility to offer re-used or re-touched accessories from your own lineup, e.g. vintage Chanel retouched by Chanel. You could also retouch items from other brands, e.g. vintage Balenciaga retouched by Swarovski

Balenciaga Re-Touched by Swarovski Concept @TheLadyinBlu

01 Vintage MiuMiu (pre loved designer clothes)

02 Swarovski X Givenchy (new)

03 Swarovski X Jimmy Choo (new)

04 Vintage Balenciaga second hand

05 Vintage Chanel (pre loved designer clothes)

06 Swarovski X Jimmy Choo (new)

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