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Future Report 07



The realisation that the fashion industry is one of the heaviest polluters is setting in strong. The catalytic effect of corona made both consumers of fashion and businesses in fashion strive for the most effective way to reduce pollution. This translates into RE LOVE FASHION: Re-use, re-touch, re-style, re-pair, and re-peat fashion.

Re-use of fashion is exploding like crazy, with many platforms popping up that facilitate buying and selling second hand clothing. The Real Real, Vinted, and even H&M who is introducing their own reselling platform that has reached mass market. High end labels like MiuMiu are introducing their own re-touched vintage on the catwalk.

Re-pair, re-touch, and re-style fashion is continuing to grow which we can see on social media like Instagram and TikTok.

The next step is RE LOVE Shoes

Just like before, the fashion industry is claiming there is too much resistance, impracticality, or non commercial et cetera. . Just like before too, it will come up regardless.

Vintage and second hand shoes are all over online platforms that operate internationally. This means selling second hand shoes is easier, and buying second hand shoes gives more possibilities. Many choices are needed as there are many sizes, and the right fit is important.

Now that the use of vintage and second hand shoes is growing, repairing and retouching shoes is going to inherently grow too. The classic shoe repairman is going to see more business. With the increased use of second hand shoes, and indirectly the longer use of shoes, means shoes need more repairing and cleaning.

High End Re-touch

As time goes on our re-pair will become more glamorous, it will become a fancy thing to do and be celebrated. It evolves into re-touch, a new way of expression or art. We can assume some designers and artists can become well known for their vintage re-touch signature. The new high end shoemakers and high end repair ateliers will pop up. Customers bring in their favourite items to be re-touched in an obvious and styleful way.

These shoe re-touchers can grow into true icons where having an item repaired by them gives it a certain status. We can expect their items on the red carpets events and in fashion shows. A repaired item carries the status of the repair designer, and overrules the original brand of the shoes.

For Existing Brands

For labels that offer shoes there is a possibility to offer re-used or re-touched shoes from your own lineup or even from other brands, such as Chanel re-touched by MiuMiu. Re-touch with paint, laces, embroidery, beads, paillettes, or even Swarovski crystals and more. It gives a complete new twist to high end labels if they start re-touching each other's items. A new era of The World After is here.

RE LOVE Shoes, RE LOVE D&G by team @theladyinblu

RE LOVE Shoes, 01 RE LOVE MiuMiu 02 RE LOVE Prada by team @theladyinblu

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