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Re-Touch dead stock & vintage

Fashion, Sustainable Report 45 / 2021-11 - 09

Re-Love your fashion and reduce the pollution of the fashion industry by Re-Touching your products.

Re-Touch your dead stock or vintage clothing to sell as an alternative to new consumption thus new pollution.

Your dead stock has probably increased during corona. A great solution to catch two birds with one stone is to Re-Touch dead stock and make it sellable again. It minimizes production waste and prevents the pollution of making new clothes. Communicate to your consumers that the item is retouched to make it clear that the item is environmentally conscious compared to new clothing. This is a message that the consumer wants to hear from a company, and something they want to communicate to the outside world by wearing these products.

Use existing sewing workshops from your company to retouch items OR create an opportunity for customers to bring in their vintage items to be retouched in-store.

Re-Touch Visual Starting points

Option 1 - Item

Cut down long pants into shorts. Long pants into bermudas or hotpants. Also think of bermudas for business as a normality, see Thom Brown.

Option 2 - Item

Cut down long sleeves into short sleeves.

Option 3 - Trend

Use an upcoming trend such as Asymmetry to retouch dead stock or vintage into a trendy item.