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2021 - 05 - 05

’Great Report by The Lady in Blu is Food for Thought…’’

‘’As consumers get more environmentally ♻️🌳 conscious, should we continue asking for coloured products? This great report on Global Cosmetics News by The Lady in Blu is food for thought... We have been trying to make the production process as sustainable as possible... Do we really need our shampoo to be pink like strawberries? Do our pearly white…?’’

The REACH24H company thanks The Lady in Blu for this insightful read!

The company is an internationally renowned technological services company with headquarters in Hangzhou, China and branches in Dublin, Washington D.C, and Taiwan. Click to view the post

The Lady in Blu wrote this report to show more awareness to the bad side of the colorant industry. This movement started in the food industry but has moved over into fashion and will for sure hit the care cosmetics and household cleaning industry too. We use many personal care products when showering and cleaning the household. Many of these products have colorants in them. When brushing our teeth, washing our hair with pearlescent shampoo, and even with washing our toilets, we can barely avoid using cleaners that are coloured, although the colorants in these products have no effect whatsoever on the cleaning power of them…

Want to have a closer insight about this topic? Read the full article

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