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Save Water; Product Concepts

Future Report

05, 2022-02-01

Cosmetics, food

Sustainability is key, it’s the new norm we all have to adhere to. If you don’t produce sustainable products, your company will be criticised and eventually fade into irrelevance.

Saving water is a critical part of sustainable production. Create as many solid products as possible, abolishing water from your final products. The end consumer can easily add local water which is much more sustainable.

Many liquid products can potentially be made into semi-solid or fully solid products, from food to personal care. Going solid means saving a great deal in shipping weight and volume, which will contribute to a cleaner and sustainable world. Liquid products are simply far too inefficient when transporting. More weight and volume also means products require more packaging and stronger packaging, which usually results in a lot of plastic waste. Replacing liquid products with a solid product will reduce this unnecessary pollution.

Stop adding water to a product that does not need it. The environmentally conscious consumer is more than willing to add local water to finish your products.

We present to you four concepts to incorporate water saving into your business.

Shampoo Portions

For a more convenient product, solid shampoo can be packaged into shareable single-use portions. Products can be sold in two different sized portions for long and short hair. Minimal packaging, minimal waste, and easy to carry while travelling.

Shampoo Bars

Taking inspiration from breakable chocolate bars, we have created a similar product concept for shampoo or soap that will break into individual portions. Minimal packaging, minimal waste. Not just a sustainable solution but also an ideal product for travelling. Perfect for creative products and graphic design expression.

Save-Water Shampoo

A powder mix that contains all the natural and biodegradable ingredients to create a high quality shampoo or soap once mixed with local water that the consumer can add themselves. Save on shipping and packaging by producing a waterless product.

Shampoo Chunks

A product concept perfect for daily home use, shampoo chunks in ready made portions to be used like single-use soap bars. A soap or shampoo bottle can only contain one single product, while shampoo

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