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Shopping Bags

Fashion, sustainable

Report 47 / 2021-11-22

Reducing plastic has become a true habit in one department: Shopping bags. Many countries have laws regarding plastic shopping bags, and consumers are also avoiding them. Bringing your own bag while shopping has become the norm. As we start shopping locally, consumers are seen on local markets more often.

New habits means new product needs. New opportunities.

There’s two categories that are at play here:

Heavy Bags

A big opportunity lies in products that can carry the heavy stuff, our daily groceries. Products we’ve all seen before, but are usually seen as unfashionable and mostly used by seniors.

  1. Baskets. Super practical, yet going to become hip with a French flair. Think of making them from recycled plastic, or choose a traditional material for a traditional feel.

  2. Shopping trolleys come back. Their wheels and stash size makes them ideal for bigger shopping trips. A true challenge to turn into a designer item in this day and age, but also a true opportunity.

  3. Heavy bags that can take a beating. Leather, heavy weight fabric, or plastic. Start the design process with the construction and the form follows.

Light Bags

Foldable bags. Easy to fold, extremely light weight, and can always be on-hand in your coat pocket or purse. Create a new design, perhaps even to make it easier to stuff back into itself. Already a big trend and sold anywhere, so take the opportunity to create something unique or an improved design.

Use your design expertise to create unique products that fit this shopping carrier market.