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Signature Re-Pair

Fashion, sustainable

Report 46 / 2021-11-16

As fashion repair will start to bloom and the scarcity complex is slowly let go of, our pride in fashion repair grows. During the first step of the fashion repair trend, we see more and more repair from an environmental standpoint. However, this visual image is secretly still going to be associated with poverty in our minds, for now at least. When repairing our fashion, we automatically go back to this image in our minds. Repair is still too much related to poverty for us to break the visual boundaries.

This will change with time as people discover new opportunities.

Fancy Re-Pair

As time goes on our Re-Pair will become more glamorous, it will become fancy and celebrated. Re-Pair as a way of expression, or art in itself. We can even assume some designers and artists can become known for their fashion repair art.

Re-Pair Tailors

Repair workshops will pop up. Customers will bring their favourite item to them and it will be repaired in an obvious yet styleful way. These workshops can be independent or in already established fashion stores.

This results in signature repair styles and repair designers.

Re-Pair Designers

The tailors of these workshops, or Re-Pair Designers, can grow into true fashion icons as the status of their repair work becomes more well known. Having an item repaired by one of these tailors gives a certain status. We can even expect them on the red carpet events and fashion shows. A repaired item carries the status of the repair designer, and overrules the original brand of the clothing.

For Existing Brands

Repair with your brand name, or create a brand image on your repair work. Create your own visual signature that fits with your brand image. Become known world-wide for your way of repairing clothing. Let this be a part of your own collection, and your own vintage, and your own style.

This is excellent for couture labels that have in house tailors already. Customers can hand in their items and have it repaired by e.g. Miumiu or Gucci.

Explore all imaginary visual styles, from embroidery to glitters, beads, paillettes, or even Swarovski crystals and more.