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Solid Products

general - food - cosmetics - sustainable

Future Trend Report 08 / 2021-02-22

Liquid products will be replaced.

Many liquid products can potentially be made into a solid product, from food to personal care. Get rid of all the unnecessary waste and pollution, and go solid.

Liquid products are inefficient when it comes to transport. Adding water adds more weight and volume, which increases transport costs and pollution. They also require stronger and bigger packaging, which often is made of plastic.

Replacing liquid products with a solid product anywhere we can will reduce this pollution. A simple solution to a problem we created with no purpose.

Solid products have a lot of interesting marketing opportunities and options for differentiation. We can take inspiration from breakable chocolate bars. Instead of packaging individual portions of a solid product, a creative way to break them into usable chunks will ensure minimal waste, and minimal pollution. Solid products can easily be turned into smaller bits to sprinkle products like shampoo, soaps, and bouillon in desired amounts.

A solid product can come in attractive packaging made from a larger range of materials than the standard plastic bottles in which liquid products come today.

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