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Speaker themes

The World After, Where is the Money

‘The World After’, a new decade on the timeline, and a different DNA. The Lady in Blu shows and explains how society is changing towards a new DNA in the future. Explore new products, services, and marketing concepts, and use them to let your business flourish in the future.

Future Trends to Create Business

The Lady in Blu talks about embracing future trends by placing them in the context of location and time. Once you accept that society is always changing, you can start to translate future trends into new business, marketing concepts, products, and strategies.

Re Love Fashion

Business models based on selling no new products. Dead stock, re-use, re-touch, re-style, re-pair, and re-peat fashion, in short: RE-LOVE fashion. The Lady in Blu is founder of RE LOVE Foundation, a foundation that promotes less consumption and production of new clothing by developing business concepts based on reloving fashion. Re Love Fashion >>

Testimonial Re Love Fashion

Herman Wijffels, politician, chairman of the board of directors at Rabobank, chairman of the Social-Economic Council, representative at the World Bank

She has an important story to tell; linked to what today’s future needs. She is the inspiration.

More themes

  • New time concepts; Opportunities!

  • How to implant the acceptation of 3rd Gender in your business

  • From 3D print to local production.

  • The Purpose economy- Immaterial consumer demands

  • Perfect Default / Authentic / Cool to be old

  • and many more themes

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