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Spirituality in Business | Column Opinion Global Cosmetic News

2021 - 07 - 01

Spirituality is the DNA of The World After, it's the gift that corona has given us. Spirituality will play a lead role in future business, and will become as important as sustainability and the purpose economy.

Spirituality is a connection we have to the immeasurable, the irrational. It is an extra add-on to all the numbers that used to lead our businesses.

Spirituality can often come with a lot of unnecessary hesitation, but it's key to embrace it as it will influence the way we manage our business internally. Especially for the younger generation, spirituality will become a part of daily life.

During corona, the numbers have failed us, the database predictions have become useless. It shows us that numbers are not as safe as we once thought. Corona gave us time to reflect on our lives, and it empowered us to spend more time with nature and the universe. We all have experienced spirituality through our power of nature, and power from the universe is next.

To empower ourselves during a lonely and harsh period in our time, we turn to yoga, meditation, intuition, self-love, high energy and love gurus. Corona was the catalysator that re-created spirituality for many of us, and it gave back the unrational to our lives.

Spirituality entering business life might sound strange but when everyone becomes more spiritual, our teams will become more spiritual, and our clients become more spiritual. It will change the way we run our business, as our teams change inherently as well.

Even the way we train our staff can change as personal empowerment wins out over company policy. Giving our staff their reasons and power to work ensures a new structure where horoscopes win out over the useless numbers. We will give them yoga sessions and meditation instead of traditional business education.

Our products and marketing will change too as the people we serve have a spiritual interest. Services of big consultancy agencies will not be only data-based anymore, as we saw it failed during corona. We will instead ask ourselves what the mood of a coming period will be, and which energy it carries with it. Business horoscopes will be taken in consideration by business leaders.

In the spring of 2020, Maison Valentino partnered with 'We're Not Really Strangers'. The Maison created a luxury version of their popular card games based on introspection and human connections. Instead of displaying their latest fashion on billboards, they displayed powerful quotes of their collaboration. And this is just the beginning..

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