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Take care of what we have; Moth Repellents


Report 42 / 2021-10 -19

With climate concerns in the minds of most consumers, and vintage fashion being hotter than ever, the maintenance of our fashion becomes ever more important. We love our products and want to take care of what we have.

This thought needs to carry over into our wardrobes. Taking care of the wardrobe where the products you sell are stored needs to be integrated into your company.

The step to a moth repellent product is only logical. Repelling moths ensures our wardrobes don’t meet an untimely demise. Once normal products like lavender bags and cedar wood products are back. The environmentally conscious consumer is not waiting for a chemical anti-moth spray.

Take the opportunity and invest in branded lavender bags and cedar wood products. Logo Mania is back for this new market.

These products respect not only our clothes but also our environment. Its a message of respect that our consumers are so desperately trying to radiate to their world. The consumer needs to feel that the brand they buy feels the same way.

Along the obvious added value it’s also a great over-the-counter product for:

  • Those who want high end label items but can’t afford the full wardrobe

  • Customer appreciation gift when they make big purchases

  • Thoughtful small gift for the environmentally conscious or fashion oriented friend.

See our images for examples of branded moth repellent products.

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