The birds are beating us

Signal 011, general

In the world before, we thought we had beaten nature. We had conquered mother earth. During lockdown, this small bird weighing just 25 grams shows us we were fooling ourselves.

This lockdown has put us all in a peculiar position. Everything about our world has changed for us. We are spending time at home, unable to travel to work or to our holiday destinations. We sit in our gardens and listen to the familiar sounds of our old world, reminding us what we want to go back to.

We can hear the garden warbler (de tuinfluiter) chirping it’s song like a pebble rolling down a hill. A familiar sound to our regular Dutch outdoors. The song of our garden. Our bird. At least, so we thought. This small inconspicuous bird, with it’s plain brown feathers, hides a reality we are all slapped in the face with during the lockdown. It may be ‘our bird’ during the s