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The Improvers


Report 041 / 2020-12-08

It’s the end of influencers.

They will be replaced by Improvers.

Improvers; those who use their public outreach and voice to change the world for the better such as improving the climate or making a positive change on society.

Influencers were nothing more than salespeople, PR machines, promoting whatever they were asked to promote. Because of their social media outreach they were used by advertisers as sales dolls, with success. The age of influencers is over (re-read ‘The End of Influencers’).

Influencers will be replaced by Improvers. They gather their audience by doing good to the world, which they in turn can use to have even more of a positive change on things such as climate and society. Instead of a feed filled with advertisements, the feed of an Improver will have real consistency. People will look up to them and respect them for the content they make and the actual influence they have on the world.

As a direct example, we saw Sara Sadok get big on TikTok after posting videos to help people with eating disorders. She is improving the world and gains a following because of it.

We also see people who did good things in the past finally gather an audience. They are gaining followers who share the same ideals and message, and can use that audience to continue doing good things.

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