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Podcast 003 Limitations are Opportunities

In this week’s episode The Lady Blu talks about the limitations that trends can bring with them. For every door that’s closes, a new one opens: How can businesses flourish within limitations? She explains more about the vision that is very important for companies to have and expand. This way, companies can tune into limitations within the changes in their branche, so they can think in new opportunities.

The World After: Where is the Money?

The big bang of corona has changed the world, and it will never be the same. A new decade on the timeline, a different DNA. The Lady in Blu shows her vision on various topics and explains how society is going to change. Through her expertise and understanding of the future she shows what strategy to take in order to be profitable in the new world.

The positive, spiritual, and business-oriented mindset of The Lady in Blu helps to envision the light of the future. She gives companies the strength to prepare for the future in a creative and strategic way. What concepts and products will hit the market in the future?



New episodes every 2 weeks.

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