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The Light


Future Trend Report 06 / 2021-02-09

Staying at home during lockdowns gave us many new insights, especially about our surroundings. Being more aware of our surroundings caused us to look at light, not only how natural light moved throughout the day, but also the artificial light we create in our homes. Working and being active in bright light, and relaxing in lower light in the evening.

The light in our homes is what creates the ambience, and the application of light can make or break the atmosphere of an interior. Materialistic items in our homes are becoming less important. People want to change the atmosphere and regulate their moods while stuck inside their homes during lockdown.

As the line between work space and personal space has obviously been eradicated, the line between professional moods and personal moods have as well. Light becomes the perfect, flexible solution for regulating and altering the atmosphere around us to more clearly differentiate between different parts of our lives and the mood we have. Light allows people to balance things out, or change something when they feel like it.

Think about all that light can change and achieve in a space and how you can communicate this to your customers.

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