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The Voice of Color

Signal 010, 2022-03-10

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We are living in a time of big events, Corona is not even over yet and the war in Ukraine has started. On the brink of World War III, dealing with inflation and insecurities when looking at the future. The young generation especially fears not meeting their basic needs in the future, such as renting a house.

News reaches us fast in our digital society. News of millions of refugees, scenes of horror on the battlefields, and disturbing reports. It makes it feel like fashion and current trends are something totally irrelevant.

The Voice of Colour

But out of nowhere, we have seen that fashion is being used to express someone’s opinion about political events. Common people are flying Ukrainian flags and wearing its colours. Thanks to social media this is becoming a big trend where everyone feels connected in their fears, and their hopes. Blue and yellow have taken on a meaning in fashion beyond a superficial trend. It shows a deeper intention that signals as a mirror of society.


Our highly digitised society makes this trend launch at lightning speed. Within days companies, influencers, and regular people on social media have coloured themselves in support of Ukraine.

The Paris Fashion Week copied this swift response. Collections normally take months to prepare, but just 7 days after the invasion started we saw the Ukraine colours on the catwalks in Paris.

It’s another reminder that yearly trend reports are a thing of the past. The World After corona is changing ever more rapidly, almost every day. The only way to react in the most positive way is to be well informed on a bi-weekly basis, as a person and as a business.

Paris Fashion Week unites in solidarity with Ukraine

@Balenciaga Show, Paris Fashion Week

@Balenciaga Show Fashion Week Paris


01 @leorumbacher 02 & 03 @alex_rutkovskiy


01 Pantone 02 @hip_hop_rap2.0 03 @ashevegas 04 Unknown 05 Municipal de Lisboa 06 unknown 07@neicla_ikebana 08 @loudoillon 09 @itsajook 10 Lada @sbelovski 11 Unknown 12 Rijksmuseum Amsterdam

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