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Three-Day Training

Three-Day Training Session ‘The World After’ Where is the money

A Three-Day Training Session can be applied to 3 consecutive days, or spread out over 3 consecutive weeks.

Day 1

What is the DNA of ‘The World After’ Changing time, changing place, changing future


Presentation by The Lady in Blu ‘Changing Time, Changing Place, Changing Future’

How does predicting the future work? By realising our reality is connected to a time and place we can see that the future can become something very different to the present.


Group Assignments (outside)

Learn how to foresee the future. What are future trends in your market?


Presentation by The Lady in Blu ‘The World After’ Corona

The biggest changes of the world after corona.

Day 2

Translating the future into new strategies, marketing opportunities, and products.


Presentation by The Lady in Blu ‘Translating future trends to strategies, products, services’


Group Assignments

Discover new opportunities in terms of strategies, products, services, and marketing concepts for your company.


Presentation by The Lady in Blu

Examples of new strategies and product concepts in ‘The World After’

Day 3

Anticipate the future. Where do business opportunities lie in the future? Open the eyes of your team to show them the new opportunities the changes in the world can give your organisation.


Presentation by your company

What are your business’ core values?


Group Brainstorm Session

Combine new opportunities that the future gives us together with your business’ core values


Presentation of Group Assignments

Wrap up by The Lady in Blu and the organisers.

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