Time got a different beat

Report - 001, general

Corona quarantine just started. Second Corona thought of The Lady in Blu

Time, all of a sudden, has a different beat. Corona forced the high speed train to slow down, and it is up to us to adapt to it, to make peace with the new beat oftime and use it to recover what we lost and keep what we gained.

We were in a high speed train that seemed unstoppable, for economic reasons, or so we

thought. People, businesses, and the earth as a whole, were creaking and groaning under the pressure of ever faster speed. Corona has forced the high speed train to slow down, and it is up to us to adapt to it, to find peace with the new beat of the time, recover what we lost and keep what we gained. We did not ask for it. But now that it has happened, it will force us to review our time systems as persons and as businesses. And the earth will be thankful that we have been forced to slow down.

Dance to the new beat

We have been given a new chance.

An intangible solution that gives space to the earth, people and businesses. An answer to how to recover from what we planned to do but could not do, what we planned to sell but could not sell. A way of life that is no longer about more and faster. It’s a new starting point for everything that is yet to come.

“It’s doing everything we loved to do with a different beat, slower, and with a different rhythm. Pre- Corona time schedules are history”

Recover what we lost

The fashion industry is a prime example. It had turned into a rat race. Collections

followed each other at breakneck speeds, winter collections were in the shops in the

summer, seasonal sales started far too early. But now the shops have shut their doors, and consumers are doing less of exactly that -

consuming. With Fashion Weeks cancelled, collections unfinished, and production

lagging, the industry has been given an opportunity to slow down and take stock. And

ask itself if the ongoing seasonal pressures that drive the fashion cycle are the right

model. Or if we can find a new way to deliver fashion, that doesn't come at such a high

cost to people and the planet.

"It’s time to slow down and rethink the schedule. To recover what we lost."

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