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Vintage refill inspiration

cosmetic - sustainable

Signal 21 / 2021-05-27

Vintage lipsticks are becoming inspiration for refillable lipsticks nowadays. It makes no sense to waste the entire lipstick holder every time we buy a new stick. As the holders are not an integral part of the production process, we can instead switch to refillable holders, which can be filled conventionally with any colour out there.

A conventional lipstick holder weighs about four times as much as the actual lipstick in it. It only seems logical to switch from one-use holders to refillable. Refillable holders not only save the environment and reduce waste, it also gives us custom options for lipstick holders. If you don’t have to discard the holder every time we buy a new stick, you can be creative and luxurious in making a custom holder, or even 3D printing one.

3D printing is an excellent production process as you can print to order, which means less waste than a conventional production process. The Lady in Blu has experience with her own 3D printed accessory label Touche Today and can help you develop custom made refillable concepts at

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