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Water Plants

Signal 47 / 2021 -11 - 25

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The trend of houseplants has carried with it a trend of propagation. This means to use sections of a mother plant and allow them to root in water. Propagations are airy and light, the earth is replaced with water. You see the growth of the plant but also its roots. The visual appeal of a plant fully visible in a decorative bottle or vase has grown a lot.

We start to love this tender and airy look.

This results in a future trend of water plants. The earth is replaced by water. It’s light and tender, instead of heavy and solid like a potted plant.

We can expect water plants in many houses, shops, and restaurants.

Compare it with aquariums we used to see everywhere years ago.

Image Credits 01 florist" De Tuinen van" in Amsterdam @detuinenvan 02 Niki Garcia

Image Credits 01 NGOC MINH NGO 02 Hydroponic Gardening 03 unknown 04 Better Homes and Gardens

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