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Future Report 020, 2022-05-17

Digital Space, Fashion, Cosmetics

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One of the big changes coming from the metaverse is the possibilities it brings in terms of fashion, cosmetics, and accessories. There are no borders between fashion, cosmetics and accessories. They mix together into ‘wearables’.

The physical world brings physical limitations, which led to the existence of multiple disciplines. Fashion is the clothes we wear to keep our bodies comfortable and cover ourselves. These disciplines each clearly have a defined purpose. They exist because they are there to enhance our limited physical abilities. They came to be because of our physical needs.

All of this results in a mixed discipline, where fashion, cosmetics, and accessories become one: Wearables. Wearables are one and the same. There is no longer a difference between cosmetics, accessories, and fashion. This is key to understand for any venture which a traditional label might take into the metaverse.

Let go of the physical limitations of your discipline, because they don’t exist anymore. The physical world we based everything on is irrelevant when thinking inside the concept of the metaverse.

Taking over the way our physical world works will lead to extremely limited opportunities in the metaverse. Broaden your identity into the mixed discipline: Wearables.

It is essential to ask yourself what your developments into the metaverse will look like. How to gain ground in a new market, and which part of the market do you want to control?

Co-operations with an associated branch of business is suddenly an interesting road to go down, as traditional disciplines are mixed. Think high end accessories x high end cosmetics or within companies too, for example YSL x YSL Beauté. An intense internal cooperation that leads to a successful launch into the metaverse.

Need guidance related to Wearables in the metaverse? Ask for the possibilities

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