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Where is the money Part 2

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Signal 11 / 2021-03-18

Launching cosmetics for men in a risk free way by tapping into future trends.

Men are ready for colour cosmetics. The cosmetics industry is ready too. Recent history however has shown us that launching colour cosmetics for man can be risky and could potentially flop. The industry is eager but anxious at the same time.

There has to be a way to launch cosmetics for men in a risk free way.

Market your products using the future

Knowing that the Third Gender and Gender Neutrality are the future, we can utilize it to introduce male cosmetics risk free by not targeting men in specific. Introduce a new line of cosmetics that focusses their marketing strategy on everyone; genderless, women, men, neutral genders. No one is excluded, which means men are included without specifically being targeted or mentioned by marketing.

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