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2021 - 09 - 01

XXL Fashion, XXL Patterns, XXL Hair, XXL Cosmetics.

From disregard to pride: the shame of big sizes is gone. XXL is a growing market that’s relatively undiscovered as many have ignored it the last few decades. It’s a virgin area where many aspiring strategists and developers can make their wildest dreams come true. Dream big and become the market leader of this new territory.

The Fashion Trigger

Large sizes have long been disregarded by the fashion industry as something ‘unfashionable’. Even though people’s average weight has been growing steadily on average, especially during corona lockdowns, it’s an ignored market. With diversity and acceptance playing a bigger role in our society every day, we see a movement away from the historical beauty norm into a market that allows XXL and curvy sizes. The disregarding of large sizes is history now.

Social Media Trigger

The perception of fashion has changed, as images go from edited magazines to the small screens in our pockets. Fashion shows have gone from a unique insider event to something that’s posted on social media instantly. From highly edited close ups to raw and sometimes even live streamed images. More visible, thus bigger, patterns take preference in this form.

XXL Fashion

From hiding a big size to a vibrant pride: big shapes are accepted and should be flaunted. As the shame of big sizes is now gone we will see a playful discovery of new proportions and patterns. Vibrant colours and big patterns will empower this movement and ensure big sizes in fashion & big statements in fashion coincide and balance each other. We will see more fashion based on draped modeling, stretchy fashion, and resizable fashion. Detailed press releases have been replaced with livestreams and quick social media shots. This means patterns, accessoires, and cosmetics need to be BIG and BOLD to stand out.

XXL Cosmetics

Grand gestures: bright colours and big shape statements, the cosmetics add their strength to the fashion. Extremities show well on social media, not only for big patterns in fashion but also in cosmetics. Do not be afraid to show off XXL, perhaps even moving into the territory of African inspired body paints. Adjust the shapes of eye shadow to a larger size palette and present it with brushes that create taut lines. Peel-off cosmetics is something to take a closer look at, as opportunities lie there as well. Realise that your cosmetics business is not your island. Cosmetics, fashion, accessoires, and hair all tie together into one integral combination. Be inspired!

XXL Hair

Big hair balances perfectly together with XXL fashion. As big volumes increase in popularity, so will big hairdos to balance on each other. The Black Lives Matters movement has grown new acceptance for big afro hairstyles. XXL Hair products will grow as a result.

XXL Accessories

Visible: Bold and big!

Image credits @Nakitende_esther

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