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XXL Cosmetics


Signal 37 / 2021 - 09 - 16

XXL Face Decoration

Last week, we reported the future trend of XXL Cosmetics

See Report 36: XXL.

‘Grand gestures: bright colours and big shape statements, the cosmetics add their strength to the [XXL] fashion. Extremities show well on social media, not only for big patterns in fashion but also in cosmetics. Do not be afraid to show off XXL, perhaps even moving into the territory of African inspired body paints.’

Now, not even a week later, we signal colour statements and big shapes during the New York Fashion Week and more places

Thom Brown (@thombrowne, 11M followers, owned for 85% by Ermenegildo Zegna) presented face decoration inspired by full body paints for its Women’s and Men’s Spring 2022 Collection.

At the same time, on the streets of New York, we see bright colour shapes in cosmetics.

These signals all emphasize that XXL Cosmetics, big shape statements, and body paint inspired colour cosmetics are going to boom. And don’t forget: using more cosmetics per application means consumers need a bigger product.

Image Credits 01 @Thom Browne 02 Streetstyle by Phil Oh

Image Credits 01 @Thom Browne

Image Credits 01 @Thom Browne

The Artist ZAZ came yesterday (2021-09-15) with a clip with color statement shapes.

Video Credits ZAZ

And we saw @Linasx at The Met gala with a Colour Statement "Small" XXL Cosmetic.

Big enough to be visible on Instagram size

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