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Teaching​ Service

Lectures Trend Forecasting

The Lady in Blu gives lectures where she teaches students how to view the present, the past, and especially the future. The highly visualized lectures also give a great behind the scenes look on the work of a trend forecaster. Students learn the theory behind future trends, after which they are given assignments where they will visualize their own thoughts on the future. These future trends are translated into products, business strategies, services, and marketing concepts.


The Lady in Blu is an expert in RE LOVE FASHION joyful solutions to reduce the pollution of the Fashion industry;  In 2017 The Lady in Blu developed the concept RE LOVE FASHION In 2018. she founded world’s first creative agency based on a societal mission RE LOVE Foundation 


Fashion is the second-largest polluter in the world. We consume four times as much clothing in weight as we did only a few years ago. Sustainable production becomes the norm, thats very good but at the same time it is like mayonaise light, you still can eat as much as you want.It is becoming ever clearer that the most effective way to reduce the pollution of the fashion industry is simply producing and consuming less new clothes. 

The Lady in Blu is thé person to teach fashion students the insights of the future of fashion; Re-Use, Re-Touch, Re-Style, Re-Peat and Re-Pair Fashion concepts.

Student Empowerment 

The Lady in Blu helps students to locate their powers and talents, and empowers them to further develop them to be usable in a professional setting. She opens the minds of students to think further than today; ‘normality’ is only related to time and place. Through extensive personal guidance she empowers students to position themselves in the future they see before them. 

Teaching​ CV

Artemis Academy

Teacher Trend forecasting final year 

2021, Amsterdam, The Netherlands.

Jan des Bouvrie Academy, Saxion

Teacher Trend Forecasting 2nd year 

2018-2021, Deventer, The Netherland.

Gerrit Rietveld Academy,

Teacher Textile and Design Department​

1997-2000, Amsterdam, The Netherlands​.

Teaching​ Testimonials


Colleague Teacher Jan de Bouvrie Academy

Antoinette is highly deserving of a positive testimonial.

The Lady in Blu spots upcoming societal changes and trends before most of us are able to see them. Even with very few signals, she knows exactly what is coming and how to explain and provide context. The process of spotting trends like this is highly useful for design students. Her lessons have opened the eyes of our students to the inspiring and dilligent way in which she works. Her teachings show that Antoinette not only has professional knowledge, she holds a strong personal involvement to her subject too. This means she is always able to discuss personal backgrounds of students and empower the student to use this to their advantage. The empowerment she gives has a truly interdisciplinair influence on our students. 

As a fellow teacher who has worked alongside Antoinette, I highly appreciate her teachings.

Student Jan des Bouvrie Academy / Saxion

The Lady in Blu gives excellent guidance as a teacher, and is not afraid to speak up to give proper feedback. Her vision is very positive and direct, which means the advice she gives will truly empower and help you improve.

Student Jan des Bouvrie Academy / Saxion

The first time I got in touch with The Lady in Blu was when she gave a class to my academy. I have always wanted to start my own business when I graduate as an interior designer and stylist. As so, her classes opened a new door to me. She really inspired me to start thinking about the way I am going to manage my future business. I highly recommend others to consider a closer look into The Lady in Blu and soak up her wisdom! I wanted to have a closer insight so I started an internship at her business, till this day I am very glad with the decision I have made and all the things I have learned.

Teaching Prices Online & Offline (excl. travel expenses) 

Teaching online
Price on request

Teaching Offline
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