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Antoinette van den Berg
AKA The Lady in Blu 

Her unique position as a trend forecaster is not just because she understands the future; her creative vision translates that future directly into product concepts, strategies, and marketing concepts that show the application of the future trend. She interprets what the future holds and delves into the specifics of how to develop concepts that line up with the opportunities of the future.


She is an international speaker, with engagements all over the world - from Korea to Sweden, and from LA to Paris. She worked in the fields of fashion, sustainable fashion, cosmetics, raw materials, accessories, 3D printing, interior design, and public services. She has worked for clients across all industries, all over the world, including but not limited to: a wide range of cosmetic labels from Chanel to L’Oreal, raw material suppliers, sustainable initiatives, the fashion industry, department stores, the governments and  law firms. 

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Life Motto

Celebrating today, while embracing the future. She respects the now, but has a passionate drive towards innovation and new developments: She aspires for a brighter future, which we have to create together.


Embrace the future

Creating that which is yet to be known and embracing this is her profession. Her name is Antoinette van den Berg AKA The Lady in Blu, and a cultural anthropologist of the future. A creative professional that focuses on exploring and conceptualising the future. She takes the opportunities that the future presents as a basis for creative development. 



Her inspiration is the future. The sources are multidisciplinary, from superficial aesthetics to heavy societal issues. Her love and respect for human culture takes centre stage. She discovers what is happening now, and conceptualise where those things will lead us to in the future. How can we use these future opportunities to create beauty, businesses, and happiness; as an individual and as a society. The world and people are her inspiration. 


Fashion input

She adores fashion, and use it as an homage to life. A celebration of the day, the moment, the now, an extra sparkle and she love that. Dressing up is the starting point of living through beautiful moments that come to us every day. Meeting people, feeling beautiful, enjoying sun, food, dancing, talking, and connecting. 


Personal input

She is naturally gifted with a love to empower people to become the best version of themselves. she focuses on someone’s personality, and is able to lift their qualities, both in their professional and personal life.


Personal intention

Her  intention is to maximise the opportunities presented to her in different phases of her life, and what the world offers. She think without borders between my private life and professional life.


Bio Highlights


Trend Forecaster

1991 Directly after finishing the Design Academy in Eindhoven, the economy was growing. Design was thé thing, everything was in an uplift. It was the perfect opportunity to create her own business. She designed a collection of products (door knobs, 40 000 sold), did an award winning collection for The Bijenkorf (flock collection), and for an American Pigment producer she worked as a trend forecaster and travelled the world, from South Africa to Russia, to give trend forecasting presentations to a varying audience from YSL to Jaguar. 


Restoration of a ruin

1995 she combined her work as a trend forecaster with the wish to restore a ruined cloche farm, a local monument of 15 x 16 x 11 metres. This project was eventually covered by Elle Wonen magazine.

Her life on a sailing yacht

2001 Once this restoration project was finished, she want to move on and explore the world and its cultures. She wanted to understand them, live together with them, and broaden my cultural knowledge to incorporate this knowledge into my trend forecasting. She lived the life of a marina nomad, together with her two young kids and husband. She cruised the Mediterranean for three years. In winter time, the kids attended local schools as she focussed on connecting with the local community. It was an exhilarating experience that broadened her view of life.


Trend Forecasting in Italy

2005 The sailing journey led her to Italy, where she continued her trend forecasting business and founded the forecasting studio Future-Touch, in the traditional and rather rough city of Genova. This is where she completed three huge business to business forecasting projects for an American client and created 3 digital cosmetic trend forecasting presentations; Women Men cosmetics and India.


Trend forecasting in Amsterdam

2011 She returned to the Netherlands after four years, where she continued her forecasting business. From here, she gave trend forecasting presentations all over the world: Seoul, L.A., Bangkok, London, Paris, Sweden, and Barcelona. In addition to this, she founded her own 3D printed fashion accessory label. 


Protagonist in fashion

The seriousness of overconsumption in the fashion industry was part of her trend forecasting in 2015. As a front runner, she realised the world needed my input and founded the Re-Love Foundation, with which she promoted a reduction in consumption of new clothing, using positive alternatives: RE LOVE FASHION: Re-use, re-touch, re-style, re-pair, and re-peat fashion. She realised a diverse array of projects for the Ministry to add her concepts of the reduction of pollution in the fashion industry, which was the #2 highest polluter in the world. 


The World After

In March of 2020, during the first days of the Corona pandemic lockdowns, she realised that Covid would be a significant spot on the timeline. She realised it would function as a big bang, the creation of a new decade, the world would change forever. And it would change at lightning speed, too. She took action, created a studio in an abandoned greenhouse, and started THE WORLD AFTER, an exclusive bi-weekly future trend report subscription. She reported on the rapidly changing future, and offered services to guide business into a future focussing on positive opportunities.  


Herman Wijfels

Politician, chairman of the board of directors at Rabobank, chairman of the Social-Economic Council and representative at the World Bank 
"She has an important story to tell; linked to what today’s future needs. She is the inspiration."


Sandra Maguarian

Show manager for Make Up In  

"Having Antoinette address the top Korean make-up brand’s managers was a great experience. The audience was captivated and asking for more. There is no one who is more passionate about fashion and trends, she feels it, she breathes it. I am always flattered to have her during Make Up In."

Konstatin Novoselov 

Nobel Prize winner 

"It is very impressive to see how new technologies penetrate into the world of art and fashion, and Antoinette is at the forefront of it."


German multinational and subscriber of 'TheWorld After'

"Outstanding work"

The Lady in Blu Protagonist in fashion.
In 2017 she founded RE LOVE Foundation


The most effective way to reduce the pollution of the fashion industry, polluter Nr 2 in the world, is simply reducing the production and consumption of new clothes.

RE LOVE Foundation is a creative agency that promotes less consumption of new clothes. RE LOVE FASHION Re-Use, Re-Touch, Re-Style, Re-Pair and Re-Peat 

Video: RE LOVE FASHION in Business Credits: Concept The Lady in Blu Photography Thijs Wolzak Hair Bianca van Zwieten Models: Sita Sunar, Laura Reijling, Maaike Stribos, Marlies Dekkers, The lady in Blu, Simone de Haan, Monique Hennevelt, Chris Berry

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