The Lady in Blu 

Her forecasting distinguishes itself by translating future insights into aesthetic innovation, strategies and concepts for the future. She covers aside from the fashion, accessories, cosmetic and fragrance industry any business that want to be prepared for  the reality of tomorrow. 


She has experience in the fields of fashion, sustainability, cosmetics, interior design, magazines, raw materials, 3D printing, accessories and public services such as governmental institutions and layers. 


She is an international speaker, with engagements all over the world - from Korea to Sweden, and from LA to Paris. 


She has worked for clients across all industries, all over the world, including but not limited to: a wide range of cosmetic labels from Chanel to L’Oreal, raw material suppliers, sustainable initiatives, the fashion industry, department stores, the governments and  law firms. 

She analyzes the present as if it's history.


RE LOVE Foundation  

In 2017 The Lady in blu founded RE LOVE Foundation


RE LOVE Foundation is a creative agency specialised in Re-Use, Re-Touch, Re-Style, Re-Pair and Re-Peat Fashion RE LOVE FASHION.

The most effective way to reduce the pollution of the fashion industry, polluter Nr 2 in the world, is simply reducing the production and consumption of new clothes. RE  LOVE Foundation accelerates the process.

Video: RE LOVE FASHION in Business 

Credits: Concept The Lady in Blu Photography Thijs Wolzak Hair Bianca van Zwieten Models: Sita Sunar, Laura Reijling, Maaike Stribos, Marlies Dekkers, The lady in Blu, Simone de Haan, Monique Hennevelt, Chris Berry


Herman Wijfels

Politician, chairman of the board of directors at Rabobank, chairman of the Social-Economic Council and representative at the World Bank 

"She has an important story to tell; linked to what today’s future needs. She is the inspiration."


Sandra Maguarian

Show manager for Make Up In  

"Having Antoinette address the top Korean make-up brand’s managers was a great experience. The audience was captivated and asking for more. There is no one who is more passionate about fashion and trends, she feels it, she breathes it. I am always flattered to have her during Make Up In."


Konstatin Novoselov 

Nobel Prize winner 


"It is very impressive to see how new technologies penetrate into the world of art and fashion, and Antoinette is at the forefront of it."


German multinational and subscriber of 'TheWorld After'

The largest chemical producer in the World

"Outstanding work"

Chantal Laurent

Creative Producer, W Hotel 

"The crowd was mesmerized by her speech and got inspired. All the pieces fit together. Besides her talent for designing and trend forecasting, her radiant smile and positive energy are a true gift to make any project successful!"