The Lady in Blu

International trend forecaster and speaker.

She has experience in the fields of fashion, sustainability, cosmetics, interior design, magazines, raw materials, 3D printing, accesoiries and public services such as governmental institutions and layers.


Her trend forecasting cover aesthetic, societal, technological and business aspects.  Her work distinguishes itself by incorporating future insights, innovation, and aesthetics into strategy development, concept and content creation.

She is an international speaker, with engagements all over the world - from Korea to Sweden, and from LA to Paris.

She has worked for clients across all industries, all over the world, including but not limited to: a wide range of cosmetic labels from Chanel to L’Oreal, raw material suppliers, sustainable initiatives, the fashion industry, department stores, the governments and  law firms.


"She is fashion and trends; she feels it, she wears it, she breathes it"


Some examples of the long track record 

2014 The 3rd Gender

2015 RESPECT for the earth and people

2015 New Time concepts

2015 The end of The High Numbers

2015 End of consumerism

2015 Less fashion collections

2015 New time schedule fashion shows

2015 Mixing fashion shows (men women seasons)

2016 Sustainable production is like mayonaise light, you still can eat as much as you want / - The real sustainable solution is simply consuming and producing less new clothes.

2016 We can’t grow our business every year a 10 %

2017   Re-use & Re-Touch Fashion for high end and hughstreet 

2017 Selling your own Vintage on and off line (from Burberry to H&M) Re-Use HM

2007 “Cosmetics out of the Classical Area”



Colored Hair

Man’s Make Up

2010  Cool to be old

2011 Non Alcohol

2011 Accent item Eyebrows

2013 Perfect Defaults

2013 Skirts for men

2013 Marketing Blur




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