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In a fast changing society, it is more important than ever to foresee the future and get your organisation in tune with the future. ​

Open your eyes for the future. Train yourself and your team to embrace the future and use every possibility that the future presents to the fullest capacity. 

The Lady in Blu trains people to translate the future into business opportunities: New products, services, business concepts, strategies, markets, and investment areas.


We have seen big societal changes since March of 2020. Corona, online working, hybrid work, moving to the countryside, black lives matter, the 3rd gender, the rise of spirituality, feminisation, anxiety for war, economical crisis, and the rise of the Metaverse. What are the consequences for your organisation? Where can new businesses be generated? What will be next?

For all types of businesses, as we all face a common future.


1/2 day day training - Group size 10 - 25 people 

The Lady in Blu opens the minds of her audience in order to accept and embrace the future. We tend to think that now and here is normal and will always be like it is. 


The Lady in Blu opens you to think further than today’s standards, by diving into history and other cultures to create an awareness that ‘now’ is just a tiny spot on the timeline, and only inside of your current culture.


Location: In-company or in an inspiring location


One or two day training - Group size of 10 to 25 people 

Learn how to employ the future trends to ensure your business flourishes in the future. Translate the upcoming future into opportunities: New products, services, business concepts markets, and investment areas.


Being able to interpret the future leads to a mindset that allows for future business to be generated naturally.

Location: In-company or in an inspiring location.



Six intensive trainings (3 hours each) spread over 6 weeks - Group size 7-15  people

Future forecast by the next generation; the young potentials of your organisation

Your own employees as an internal think tank!


The goal of this course is to create an internal source of  forecastings with  matching future business concepts for your organisation.  

This six-day course trains your employees to create a future forecastings and detect opportunities that present themselves in the future, all tailored to your company specifically.


Every employee will prepare a 10 minute forecasting presentation, in which they translate detected trends into 3 business concepts for your company. In addition, they will write out the concept in a report accompanied with visuals.

The forecasting and concepts will be presented to the management team of your organisation on the final day of the course.

This course also requires self-study at home.

A specific theme can be chosen for the future, e.g. the metaverse.

Location: In-company or Amsterdam Group min 10 max 20


Three day intensive group session - 10 people max group size


Advanced development teams: Head development, marketing, communication, sales, design, and finances. Developers that want to face the future as creative thinkers. 

This intensive group session focuses on developing realistic concepts for the future for your company. The three-day session ensures all opportunities that are presented by the future are clear in your sights, and following concepts are uncovered. The result is a concrete palette of diverse concepts for the future: From new product ranges, new markets, to metaverse concepts. 

Forecast the Future (3 month to 7 years ahead)

Form a clear united vision of the future under the expert guidance of The Lady in Blu. What will become of the future? What are the triggers that will change the future? Which coming developments and changes will be relevant for your business?


Opportunities of the Future

Once the future is clear / when the future appears in the widest way possible opportunities in terms of new markets, new business concepts, new product ranges will be uncovered almost automatically.

Concept development for your company

Match future developments and future opportunities with the identity and core business of your organisation. The team will translate the upcoming future into concepts for your organisation; new product concepts, services and business concepts, new markets, and new investment areas that match the future;. 3 month to 7 years ahead. 


A specific theme could be chosen for the course, e.g. the metaverse. What is the impact of the metaverse? And how does the metaverse affect the physical world?

This course is an open brainstorm session that causes the future to appear in the widest way possible. Open and Inspiring with Concrete Results​

Location: An inspiring location like a hotel in the country side of Ibiza


We have a range of suitable location opportunities available upon request.

All prices listed are without sales tax, location costs, and catering costs.

All prices listed are without travel expenses. 

Connect the vision of your team toward a collaborative future and the opportunities this future has to offer your organisation.

Our training sessions provide an open positive inspired way to plan a concrete route into the future. 

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