Future Report subscription

on a weekly base

For the elite of the fashion, cosmetics, fragrance, accessory, living, food and general businesses.

Developments in society start small, become bigger, until they become the norm. Every phase of each future development gives you an opportunity to change your company for the better. In ‘The World After’ the Lady in Blu reports, each week the developments that are happening in society, and what changes this will bring for fashion and cosmetics. She explores investment opportunities, new market developments, and new product concepts that are given life by the changes in our world. 

Setting up a strategy without having a grip on the evolution of the future is impossible. Do you invest in new companies, and which ones? What are growing markets and how does your marketing play into it? What product categories are gaining importance, and how can you develop yourself towards them? How do aesthetics and sustainability evolve? It is all written in the future. 


*  Two Future Reports per week by the Lady in Blu
*  Online access to all 200 previous Future Reports published since March 2020
*  Forecastings, concepts and strategies: from 3 months to 7 years ahead

Understand the path towards the future. 

Make your decisions accordingly 

Price: € 245,- per month 

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Future Report on a weekly base

- Two Future Reports per week by the Lady in Blu

- Including access to all 200 previous Future Reports published since March 2020

Forecastings, concepts and strategies: from 3 months to 7 years ahead

Price: € 1250,- for 6 months

Six month subscription

Future Report on a weekly base

- Two Future Reportsper week by the Lady in Blu

- Online access to all 200 previous Future Reports published since March 2020

Forecastings, concepts and strategies: from 3 months to 7 years ahead


Strategies, product services, and marketing concepts

A subscription to ‘The World After’ by the Lady in Blu unravels all secrets of the future. Each week, she reports the next step in societal changes and what it means for the future of the fashion, accessories, color and care cosmetics and fragrances industry.

The uniqueness of the Lady in Blu as a forecaster is that she translates her future into strategies, product services, and marketing concepts that give you new business in the future. 


This means that a subscription to ‘The World After’ is not only a forecast to the future, but a direction for the CEO, Research & Development, and Marketing to head into. Apply them to your business and keep rolling into the world of the future. A subscription to The World After guides your business onto the right path, and shows you how to interpret what the future holds by yourself



Foresights into the future where The Lady in Blu explains what is going to happen in the cosmetics, fashion, fragrance, and accessoire business in a video with strong visuals and text. The forecastings are based on societal developments that change the future, week by week She cover everything relevant for the future from aesthetics to sustainability and from material to immaterial developments. Each week she comes with a new theme or the next step in a development. When relevant, the Lady in Blu discusses different topics to broaden the perspective on the future, such as living and retail. 


Concept Development:

The Lady in Blu is a creative director at heart. Her unique position as a trend forecaster is not just because she sees the future through her creative vision, but can translate that future directly into which products, strategies, or marketing concepts the future holds. She delves into the specifics and sees what opportunities are coming.  

Investment Lists:

Resent Report includes a  list that discusses where to invest, in terms of acquiring new companies, or creating new product ranges. Notifies you of specific upcoming target demographics and products to go along with that. 


A weekly Future Report

on Tuesday 

  • ​A personal video by  The Lady in Blu who explains a future development

  • Matching opportunities; product and marketing concepts 

  • Opportunities in new markets 

  • Investment lists

  • A written article for a deeper insight

  • Visuals that illustrate the future  

​A weekly SIGNAL

on Thursday

A Signal once per week to notify you of important changes in the world that will influence new trends and new directions of where the world is heading.


The link to the Future Reports and Signals are sent directly to your mail, each week and always accessible online on www.theworldafter.online

Access to 200 Previous Future Reports  

published since march 2020 which gives you insights on all developments since Corona emerged. All Reports & Signals are organized per category, general, fashion, cosmetics, living, food and sustainable.



Launched March 2020

‘The World After’ launched in March 2020 when The Lady in Blu realised Corona will change the world in one Bang and the future  would change faster than ever. This forecasting platform focuses on societal changes, consequences of changes that result in future trends, and new opportunities for businesses that match the new world. The Lady in Blu gives her positive vision on the future through this platform, and shows businesses what route to take to become profitable in The World After corona.