Find creative growth inspired by the future

The Future: Ask The Lady in Blu

We forecast what is going to happen and why.

We take the future as a starting point for growth and development. We translate the future into creative ideas.


Our focus is to ensure our clients can use these ideas and insights in the future optimally to develop their strategies, products, and marketing. 

The future  

- Forecasting

- We make the future understandable

- We give you a future mindset

Creative ideas for the future  

The future as a starting point for development.

Strategies, products, and marketing concepts

- Ideas for new product ranges

- Product concepts for the future

- Emerging markets

- Marketing approaches and concepts

- Investment lists of which companies to buy

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The future

'The World After'

Semi weekly Future Report subscription

Since March 2020

For the elite of the fashion, cosmetic, fragrance, accessory, living and food business.

- Forecasting, concepts, strategies

- From 3 months to 7 years ahead

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Our goal is to trigger progress for our customers.



What does the future hold for your company?

The Lady in Blu can expose opportunities and dangers within your company in a heartbeat. Which developments are essential and unavoidable, both in short and the long term, and how do you generate business from these developments? 

For the Game Changers in any business; fashion, cosmetics, fragrances, accessories, raw materials, living, real estate, food and  finances.


Every company wants to know what they can become in the future. We give you the opportunity to find out.

Creative Director

Together with her team, The Lady in Blu creates concepts that play into future development for specific companies.


We develop all-round strategies, product ranges, marketing strategies, and B2B future trend presentations.   


The future is our source of inspiration.

Podcast 'The Lady in Blu'

The Lady in Blu gives her vision on the future about different topics and shows how society is rapidly changing. Available in English and Dutch.

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For the elite of the cosmetic, fashion, fragrance, living and food industry. For the game changers.