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What if you could anticipate your future clients' needs and desires and start giving a twist to your current business to expand revenue in the near future?

The Lady in Blu's concept development services combine future trends with your identity and core business to bring new ideas and concepts to life.

Whether you're looking to expand into new concepts, improve current ones, adopt a future mindset, be inspired, or evaluate your current strategy.

Get in touch with The Lady in Blu and discover her vision for your company's future.


The future translated into exceptional opportunities tailored to your company

What if

You could anticipate your clients' future wishes and adjust your business to generate revenue in the near future? The Lady in Blu can help you stay ahead of the game by bringing new and innovative ideas to life based on emerging trends.

You could disrupt the status quo of today and instead focus on the status quo of tomorrow? The Lady in Blu's concept development approach encourages outside-the-box thinking and innovation to help you shake things up and bring fresh ideas to life that match tomorrow's clients based on future trends.

You could revolutionize your business by embracing a future-oriented approach? The Lady in Blu can help you view your business from the perspective of the future, and provide insights on how to approach it in a way that aligns with the near futures.



Marcel Wanders

Founder of a studio that bares his name & Moooi

"I have had the pleasure of attending multiple one-on-one dinners with The Lady in Blu, and each time it has left me feeling enlightened and inspired. Her unique talent for identifying potential opportunities and business concepts is truly exceptional. I was able to gain valuable insights into future developments and evaluate my current strategies with her guidance. The relaxed evening setting allowed for an open and engaging dialogue. Overall, the small investment for these consultations was well worth it, and I highly recommend The Lady in Blu to anyone looking to uncover the treasures that lie ahead.

The Lady in Blu's trend forecasting consultancy activities are characterized by a high degree of foresight, placing her three years ahead of even the most reputable consultancy firms. Her added value lies in her creative process, which not only predicts future trends but also identifies business opportunities in advance. This enables her clients to anticipate these opportunities and navigate their business towards a healthy, profitable future in a timely manner, making her a highly sought-after asset in the industry.​




The Lady in Blu goes beyond data analysis to give you a comprehensive understanding of what's to come. Data analysis aims to predict the future using historical data. There is no data about developments and opportunities that have yet to occur.

Unlock the hidden treasures of the future. Embracing a forward-thinking mindset. Transform the future into chances and discover your future sources of income for your business. Anticipate the future in a timely manner.

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