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Concept development

Concept development focussing on refining and redefining the existing concepts of bars, restaurants, and hotels. It entails applying a magical touch to elevate the uniqueness and overall experience of unique high-quality establishments, aligning and harmonizing their identity with the ever-changing, ethereal flow of the constantly shifting mentality of guests.


Multiple aspects

The world of hospitality covers multiple aspects: people, food, aesthetics, internal organization, and many more elements

Concept development, aimed at refining, redefining, and uplifting bars, restaurants, and hotels, encompasses various aspects, including food and beverage, the menu, identity and house style, aesthetics (interior and terraces), guest experiences, practical improvements and organizational enhancements.


It can encompass ideas for collaborations, events, activities, and in-house shop opportunities— all intricately woven to discover where the magic lies in enhancing an establishment, tailored to the unique needs and opportunities of each individual business.



Refining and Redefining

Acting as a liaison between familiarity and innovation, I infuse establishments with a refined touch, always grounded in practical realities of economics, location, and management.


This involves aligning brand identities with current opportunities, detoxifying business model by removing elements that no longer serve a purpose.


Concept development based on a specific request, question or problem

Concept development can be based on a specific request, question or problem.


For example:

'Create a bar concept for a lodge'

'Resolve a conflicts in menu and kitchen setups for a new restaurant serving external lodge guests in a hotel'

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