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Welcome!  Nice to meet you

I'm Antoinette van den Berg, also known as The Lady in Blu.


Back ground

My background is in design education from the prestigious Design Academy in Eindhoven, The Netherlands. My professional roots lie in design and trend forecasting. Originally from the Netherlands, I have lived in the Netherlands, England, Spain, and Italy.


At the moment, I lead a nomadic life. Currently, I'm located in Ibiza, which I love and where I might stay longer.


My previous project was a four-month assignment within the hospitality sector on the paradise island of Lamu, Kenya, where I also lived during that time.


Alongside concept development for the hospitality business, I love working actively in the service of restaurants to stay in contact with guests and remain in touch with the core of the hospitality industry.

Recently, between my travels, I worked in service at Toscanini Deli in Amsterdam. At the moment, I work in service at La Paloma restaurant in Ibiza.

Working together


Every establishment needs periodic refining and redefinition. 


Feel free to reach out on WhatsApp via a call, text, or voice message, and let's discuss bringing your project to life. 

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+ 31 6 81162026


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