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What data can't tell you about the Future.

Forecasting based on data is trying to predict the future based on history. There is no data about that which does not yet exist.


Trendforecaster The Lady in Blu reveals the future and the opportunities that come along with the changing world; innovative products, marketing and business concepts, new markets,  and investment areas for businesses.


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Being part of change is no longer a choice


Until recently development and trend forecasting stood for innovation, an innovation was a choice made by a company. Traditional companies didn’t necessarily have to innovate because they could rely on a loyal customer base. Sometimes a business was running good enough so taking risky innovative steps was seen as a bad move.


Future trends are an essential part of ANY business. 

Trend forecasting now is all about adapting to survive in a rapidly changing society. A society where societal changes are about serious problems that have to be solved, like equality and climate change, the rise of the metaverse etcetera. Being part of this change is no longer a choice: Ignoring these changes can lead to your business being phased out completely.

Future trends are no longer linear


Future trends are like a spider web they are are no longer linear. In the past they run parallel to each other and each one followed up the next every half a year or so. Instead, future trends are like a complex spider web of trends that are all interconnected and simultaneous. All developments are inseparably interconnected and therefore relevant for every department: Marketing, R&D, finances, design, and sales.

Trend forecasting: Cultural anthropology of the future


The human being is the central point of our forecasts: How do they behave (now), and how will developments in the world change this behavior? Trend forecasting can be seen as cultural anthropology of the future. What do people in the near future expect of your company? This question is essential to answer for any business, as they are part of human culture. We forecast the future for businesses and supply opportunities and concepts that are in tune to that future.

Fashion as a mirror for the future


All companies have to imagine the future, they all have to function within the future. We give insights into that future. The human being takes a central stage in our insights, how will they develop their thinking and what does it mean for companies. Future developments can often use fashion as an example, a mirror of society’s current and future opinions. It’s a visual language that signals what is happening in society, and what will happen in the future..

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